Rai Ley/Ton Sai [Day One]

Plan: Stay in a beach bungalow (cheap and awesome) in Rai Ley. After that terrifying experience, awesome times followed. Stumbling out of the boat, kissing the ground, and clinging to random strangers, we… Continue reading


Plan: Catch a bus from Sura Thani to Krabi, a coastal city. Then spend a relaxing night in Krabi while arranging travel details for the rest of the trip (tours, “must-see”s, etc.). The… Continue reading

The Sura Thani Not-So-Express

Plan: First, take an overnight train from Bangkok to Sura Thani (because we’re poor). The Friday night train was the second cheapest option (cheapest is taking a bus, I believe). We bought upper… Continue reading

Sunburn Souvenirs: Our trip to the South

A quick background of this trip…Tuesday of that week was a national holiday. School was cancelled, work was closed, and thus starting many weeks ago my farang friends and I planned a mini-trip… Continue reading

Mae Yai is learning English.

The other night at dinner, Jill, Nam (host mom’s daughter), myself, and Mae Yai (grandma) were sitting around the table, enjoying the fantastic food as usual. All of a sudden Mae Yai –… Continue reading

Small Victory #1

Successfully communicating my destination to the taxi driver without the use of a map, my host mom’s Thai handwriting on a slip of paper, or flailing hand gestures. The slip-of-paper incident was a… Continue reading

Thailand Only

You know you’re in Thailand when the only one in the car speaking English is Tickle Me Elmo.

London = Posh Spice.

As in Victoria Beckham… plus a smile (once in a while). Thinking back to my first experience in London, the people I spoke to upon arrival at my hostel were nice! Boisterous, busy,… Continue reading

What the Filipino: Sagada

Though not the most peaceful-sounding name in the world, Sagada is an oasis from the maniacle machinery of Manila. As you walk down the steep road by dozens of guest houses, weaving and… Continue reading

What the Filipino: Where you going, mom?

Last week I took a trip to the Philippines. I needed to leave the country in order to apply for a visa, and flights were cheap to Manila. The Spanish influences of the… Continue reading