Transportation Tips: Tuk-Tuks

Pronounced “touk-touks,” these little buggers are infamous in Bangkok. They’re cute and cuddly, so lots of foreigners take them. Wrong choice, kiddos. Although I’m sure there are plenty of upstanding citizens who operate… Continue reading

Sharing is Caring: Eating with Thais

If you don’t like sharing, waiting, or double-dipping, save yourself some rage and don’t eat with Thai people. Eating with groups of people in Thailand usually comes in three forms: 1) At a… Continue reading

Transportation Tips: Taxis

When in doubt, take a taxi. The most you’ll pay getting from one place to another in Bangkok is no more than about 200 baht ($6 US), so it’s a pretty cheap option… Continue reading

My King is a Baller

Seriously. The King of Thailand is undeniably awesome! The people of Thailand always refer to him as “My King” because they adore him. ¬†They play the national anthem/tribute to the King and all… Continue reading

The Mangrove Fields

Saturday morning, we met some nurses (Jill & Natalie’s colleagues) then headed west of Bangkok, to a beautiful area known for its Mangrove fields. With its Thai Swiss-Family-Robinson wood structures over the water,… Continue reading

Surgery in Bangkok

Three years ago, I had a foot problem which required the destruction of my foot, followed by a significant period of “gimp time”. Although I thought that this operation had eradicated the problem,… Continue reading

Hot Sauce + Tigers: Sriracha

After the mangrove fields on Saturday, we headed to Sriracha! Yes, like the hot sauce. With friends that use the stuff religiously, I was intruiged. Sriracha wasn’t much – an ordinary medium-to-small sized… Continue reading

Ko Khet: Bangkok’s Island

A weekend in Bangkok means random excursions. Our host family told us about an island within Bangkok called Ko Khet. I had never heard of it, and was immediately intruiged. Jill, myself, and… Continue reading

Calypso: The Ladyboy Show

The Calypso is the most famous Ladyboy Cabaret show in Bangkok. We had to contact them atleast 3 days in advance in order to get tickets, and still somehow managed to score three… Continue reading

Dinner on the River: Tino Returns

One Friday night, we had a mini-reunion. Tino, one of the guys we met in Ton Sai, was flying out of Bangkok to Nepal. He’s bound for all kinds of crazy outdoor adventures.… Continue reading