Great Smoky Mountains

We split our Asheville trip into two parts: The Woods and The City. The Woods was a 20-mile stretch backpacking trip through Great Smoky Mountains National Park! Now, of course I’ve backpacked around the… Continue reading

Anywhere in the US: The Selection Process

I won a fitness competition at my work! The prize? Two tickets anywhere in the continental US (Cool employer, right?)! But there are so many cities and so many continental-US-states! How to choose?… Continue reading


After spending over a week in the Costa del Sol area, Rob and I were ready to explore new territories. We booked a trip to Tangier, Morocco (which later got cancelled due to… Continue reading

Getting around the Costa del Sol (without going broke)

Although well-connected via paved (sealed) roads along the coastline, the cities in the Costa del Sol are relatively far from one another. Well-off tourists just rent a car for the entirety of their… Continue reading

Mijas and the Fuengirola Market

We got up early to take the bus into Fuengirola for the Wednesday market in the Recinto Ferial (Fairground). It was huge! Compared to the sardine-can style asian markets we had visited earlier… Continue reading

Parisian Perfection

On the 23rd of January, Rob and I took the Chunnel (train via an underwater tunnel) from London to Paris. He had never been on a long-distance train before; another awesome first-experience to… Continue reading

Hunt for the mystery neighborhood, London.

The last time I was in London, I remembered being in a really cool neighborhood with tons of cute cafes, pubs, and restaurants. I couldn’t, for the life of me, remember the name… Continue reading

London Part Two: City still charming, people still…not.

Being catastrophically jet-lagged (Rob woke up at 4:30am!), we started our first real day in London pretty early. Following a quick breakfast at our hostel, Clink 78, we headed to Kings Cross/St. Pancras… Continue reading

The Golden Bay towns: Takaka and Collingwood

We left our Takaka Area campsite without sentiment – it was kind of a last-minute camping site, since the DOC site was completely full and the other accomodation options we looked at were… Continue reading

Milford Sound

We drove to Milford Sound, and we were lucky, barely missing the closings that have been happening fairly frequently in recent weeks due to avalaches, rock falls, erosion, and flooding. We made it… Continue reading