My King is a Baller

Seriously. The King of Thailand is undeniably awesome! The people of Thailand always refer to him as “My King” because they adore him.  They play the national anthem/tribute to the King and all the sweet stuff he’s done over the years before the movie begins in theaters. Every morning a similar “we love you” song plays on the TV. On almost every block is a picture of him and the Queen in some form – picture, poster, giant painting, huge overpass entrance thingy. People even have pictures of him on their desk at work!

When I hear about the cool projects he oversees, I can’t help but love him too. The man built a bridge with his own money because the public funding was taking too long. He starts hundreds of organic farms to provide the people with more healthy food. He’s helping farmers in the North switch the opium crops to more profitable fruits and flowers. My King created a Thai Encyclopedia for Youth project, for goodness sakes.

He is the richest monarch in the world, and he is always working on something new to benefit his people. Futher examples of his excellence: