Calypso: The Ladyboy Show

The Calypso is the most famous Ladyboy Cabaret show in Bangkok. We had to contact them atleast 3 days in advance in order to get tickets, and still somehow managed to score three second-row seats. The Calypso has two options: dinner & a show, or just the show. We opted to get dinner on our own (which ended up being pretty lame because we ran out of time) but successfully made it to Asiatique in time for the extravaganza.

I just want to say – wow. This was a fantastic show. Flawless performers, hilarious comedic moments, and altogether just a well put together evening. The ladyboys were gorgeous. Not like “wow, he almost looks like a real woman” but “holy crap that’s the most beautiful female I’ve ever seen in my life.” Attending this show was a downgrade in self-esteem, but it was totally worth it.

There were serious songs, sad songs, poppy songs, and of course the heavy cabaret jazz style. We had the pleasure of sitting directly behind a man (attending the show with his wife) who was immediately selected as the person-to-be-embarassed of the evening. One performer in particular was absolutely hilarious and provocatively interacted with the man in every one of “her” songs. Talk about comedic timing at its finest.

Of all the random displays I’ve seen in Thailand, this was by far the most entertaining. I’d recommend it as a must-see for anyone coming to Bangkok. It’s expensive compared to other Thai things (900 baht which is only about 30 bucks) but includes a drink, and is totally worth it. Save money and get dinner before hand, but leave time for transit because traffic around Asiatique is cray cray.