Dinner on the River: Tino Returns

This photo doesn’t do it justice, but the riverside view was lovely.

One Friday night, we had a mini-reunion. Tino, one of the guys we met in Ton Sai, was flying out of Bangkok to Nepal. He’s bound for all kinds of crazy outdoor adventures. Jill, Natalie, and I agreed to meet up with him for dinner on the Chao Phraya River – something we’ve been meaning to experience – for his last night in Thailand.

After a significant amount of Skyping and confusion, we met up, took a ferry across the river, and ended up at a place called Yok Yor. Note to anyone headed there: apparently the restaurant has their own ferry which takes you directly to their pier. We took the city ferry, and had to wander through some seriously sketchy (man getting a tattoo in a tiny garage-like space) alleyways and streets in order to find the entrance to the restaurant. It appears easy to access because you can see it from the river, but is actually pretty well hidden.

The restaurant boasts all kinds of seafood offerings and local delicacies. Jill ordered frog (turned out to be really gross) and the best margarita she’s ever had. Tino attempted to order duck mouth but was “talked down” by our comically energetic waiter. I had a Thai appetizer (“Kale Leaves” on the menu – a spread of roasted peanuts, onions, ginger, chili peppers, and lime that you place into Kale leaves – suprising but delicious. Natalie ordered a spicy curry and a Mai Tai. She had to pace herself on both selections (both were fire water).

After our late dinner, we headed to Sukhumvit to find a hangout. We stumbled upon a swanky place called the Wine Connection, which actually had wine, beer, and late-night tapas. The decor was beautiful, and I’d highly recommend it for a romantic destination.