Once Upon a Treehouse

With the Arenal Volcano in our rear-view mirror, we headed toward what was to be my favorite part of the trip. For my birthday, Rob booked a stay at an eco lodge called… Continue reading

The Tarantula Incident

Arachnophobic friends – beware. Rob and I went to bed in the guest house at Finca Lluvias de Gloria de Ermida (Gloria of Ermida’s Cloudfarm) with food in our bellies and excitement for… Continue reading

The Coffee Farm

Between Liberia (a.k.a the Sahara desert) and the Cloud Forest, we found the adorable Finca Lluvias de Gloria de Ermida (Gloria of Ermida’s Cloudfarm) on AirBNB. We could stay a few days, explore… Continue reading

Pineapple and Painted Chickens: the Road to Monteverde

Our first morning in Costa Rica introduced us to the full-blast, no-kidding-around sunrise of Central America. It was beautiful, it was instant, and it was 5:30am. Being someone who would happily sleep 12… Continue reading

Drinkin’ With the Ticos

  Our Liberia AirBNB host, Andrés, was unavailable to meet us at the apartment, and instead left a key with the rental service and asked us to call him. One friendly but awkward… Continue reading

Landing in Liberia

Our arrival into Liberia was pretty straightforward. It was noticeably oven-y on the tarmac, as expected on the west side of Costa Rica (90+ degrees this time of year, not to mention the… Continue reading

Choosing Costa Rica

Rob and I have been itching to get out of the country – we’ve had small trips to US destinations and Canada in recent months but I always crave the experience of being… Continue reading

Great Smoky Mountains

We split our Asheville trip into two parts: The Woods and The City. The Woods was a 20-mile stretch backpacking trip through Great Smoky Mountains National Park! Now, of course I’ve backpacked around the… Continue reading

Anywhere in the US: The Selection Process

I won a fitness competition at my work! The prize? Two tickets anywhere in the continental US (Cool employer, right?)! But there are so many cities and so many continental-US-states! How to choose?… Continue reading


After spending over a week in the Costa del Sol area, Rob and I were ready to explore new territories. We booked a trip to Tangier, Morocco (which later got cancelled due to… Continue reading