Vulcán Arenal

From Kathy and Bernie’s treehouse, we headed to our last destination of the trip: Vulcán Arenal (the Arenal Volcano). Although the volcano is currently in “nap-mode,” it was the country’s most active volcano for over 40 years! As we drove around the base of the volcano to the Arenal Observatory Lodge, evacuation and “caution” signs provided a frequent reminder that a little sneeze from this seemingly peaceful mountain had the capability to destroy me, Rob, and anything (or anyone) else in its path.


Normally we like to spend less on accommodations and more on adventures, but basically every review I read about this area recommended spending the extra money to snag a volcano-view room (I love that I can say that phrase with a straight face). The view did NOT disappoint!


View from our hotel room. Are you kidding me?!


View from the lodge’s balcony (where we enjoyed the coolest sunset view).

We went hiking around the area, passing all kinds of vegetation (including pine trees – who knew?!) on our way to a cute little waterfall at the end of the trail.



Our pit stop at the waterfall. A nice break after a lot of stairs.

We stopped at the observatory on the way back which contained an exhibit dedicated to the volcano’s activity over the last several hundred years, then retreated to the main lodge area for the evening. It seems everywhere in Costa Rica there are gorgeous flowers in all sorts of interesting colors and shapes!


Staying right at the base of the volcano was a delightful way to end a great trip. We felt well-rested and relaxed for the drive back to Liberia. Whether you stay for the night or just drive around the area to check out the view, I’d HIGHLY recommend this as a destination along your journey around Costa Rica.