Costa Rica: A Long Sleeper’s Paradise

One thing you should know about me is that I need lots of sleep. So much, in fact, that real, card-carrying doctors have actually diagnosed me as a “long sleeper.” (I even provided a link to prove it’s real, you guys.) Of course, my day job doesn’t care, the morning traffic doesn’t care, and my to-do list certainly doesn’t care, so I am basically just tired always.

In Costa Rica, the sun sets at around 5:30pm and rises almost exactly 12 hours later at around 5:30am. Unless you’re in a major city like San Jose, there isn’t a lot of infrastructure (read: paved roads, lights, or anything indicating you are even remotely safe), so I recommend you plan to find your destination for the evening before 5:00pm. Although Rob and I initially saw this constraint as a logistical challenge, it quickly was revealed that this was a big-fat-blessing-in-disguise! An early sunset meant that I could go to bed crazy early but still feel like I wasn’t missing out on any exciting daylight activities! I was able to get my “long-sleeper” requirement of 10 hours and still be ready to go around sunrise (just in time to savor some delicious Costa Rican coffee).


mmmmmmm coffee