Dublin, Round One

Our first stop in Dublin was FOOD. We wandered for a bit, eventually stumbling upon a small local pub for a pint of Guinness. We had no idea that the pub also offered a lunch menu fit for fancy people…


I expected some crisps, maybe fish and chips. But THIS!? Three kinds of salmon and all the fixings! Well done, sir.

There are a variety of well-known experiences in Dublin: the Guinness tour, Temple Bar, Dublin Castle, etc.. Although I don’t always prioritize the most popular destinations when I travel, we did make an obligatory stop at Temple Bar – the bar itself (which is always packed) for a pint and some live music, but also found a more relaxed atmosphere at a pub just down the street at Merchant’s Arch, equipped with¬†a live musician playing some surprisingly well-chosen covers.


Temple Bar – both the bar and the main street shown here.


The inside of Temple Bar – live music AND a packed crowd every night, I gather.


Live music at Merchant’s Arch, just down the street from Temple Bar.


We intended to make a stop at Guinness – not for the tour of the main brewery, but to experience Open Gate, an experimental brewery at St. James’ Gate. It’s been in operation for many years but only recently was opened up to the public.

After what felt like several laps around what – according to Google Maps – was the correct property, we couldn’t seem to find the entrance! Hopefully if you, too, attempt to visit Open Gate, you’ll have better luck. They recommend you make reservations in advance – it’s eight Euro for a ticket which includes a beer tasting board.