A Foggy Morning in Positano

The next morning in we awoke to a heavy fog that encapsulated the upper parts of the village.

A foggy morning in Positano

The morning fog – and the colorful houses below.

It gave the scenery an eerie feeling – the perfectly “gloomy” vibe that makes virtually ever indoor space feel cozier. Another bonus: coffee tastes better on overcast mornings (Seattle – case in point).

After a slow stumble down the steps from our AirBnB, we sauntered down the main street looking for a decent breakfast. We passed a handful of too-fancy-for-breakfast spots eventually finding Casa E Bottega (literally translates to “Home and Shop” in case you were curious) – a charming cafe and mini-store that checked all the hipster/millennial/environmentalist/traveler boxes of my dreams.

The storefront of Casa E Bottega – tell me you wouldn’t stop.



Like, for real.


Quirky planters – check. (If anyone knows where I can get these, holler.)

Whoever manages to keep these plants thriving deserves a medal.


As if the vibe of this place wasn’t magical enough, the first thing on the menu was Eggs in Purgatory – a drool-worthy poached egg and tomato sauce dish my dad makes regularly at home. There were certainly other tempting options (several of them veg-friendly, mind you) but I couldn’t stray from the classics.


“Eggs in purgatory” – a delightful combo of marinara sauce, poached eggs, basil, and heaven bread.

Rob’s *perfect* omelette.

These mugs were very Alice-in-Wonderland, and I was very OK with it. It just WORKED you guys!

After carb-ing and caffeinat-ing, we perused the goods at Casa E Bottega, then continued our saunter around a loop that follows the perimeter of town. I’ve added some glimpses of the loop itself below, as well as some pictures I took of the effortless beauty we encountered.


One view of the loop around town…


Another view of the loop…


Although there was still some fog up in higher elevation, the sun started to peek out revealing the famous Mediterranean blue sky (and water)



Beautiful stairs.


Beautiful laundry.



Rough translation: “I think of you always”