Further North: The Giant’s Causeway

From Belfast, we continued north in order to see Giant’s Causeway, a striking World Heritage Site on the very northern-most coast of Northern Ireland. It’s an almost alien-like formation of rock created by an “ancient volcanic fissure eruption” – whatever that means!


There’s another attraction nearby called the Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge. It’s a sketchy little bridge that connects the mainland to the little island of Carrickarede. Nothing mind-blowing, but it does provide a cool view of the coast and another look at the interesting landscape of this area.IMG_2133

Of course, we couldn’t leave this area without stopping at the Dark Hedges Estate.


This is a unassuming street of really creepy looking beech trees, and happens to be one of most photographed sites in the world (especially since it was featured on Game of Thrones!)


A straightforward view of the Dark Hedges.


My take 🙂

If you’re into whiskey, the Bushmills Distillery is pretty close to all of these landmarks in a town literally called Bushmill! It’s an easy stop and a great chance to try a great Irish whiskey before you head to Scotland (for research purposes, of course).