Positano: Our First Taste of Paradise

After we had a chance to decompress and settle into our new abode, we ventured down a long and windy path of steps onto the main road that runs through Positano. If you’re even considering making the Amalfi Coast a stop on your trip to Italy, I highly recommend a stop in Positano.  For us, it was the perfect combo of sleepy and lively – perfect for cozy, low-key nights on the patio with a glass of wine and sunny days browsing the local shops between delicious meals at local restaurants.

Speaking of restaurants…our favorite place (we went there two nights in a row!) was called Saraceno d’Oro, just along the main road the winds down into the heart of town.


The view of Saraceno d’Oro from our AirBnB.

We liked the idea of sitting outside, the menu was appealing (without being insanely expensive OR overly “touristy”), and they were playing Backstreet Boys in the background. What’s not to love?

DSC00310 (1)

While we chowed on obscene quantities of olive oil, grilled veggies, bread, and seafood, the waiter nearby gleefully sang to the 90’s hits while personally stopping traffic for diners needing to cross the street to enter the restaurant. It was quirky, quaint, and the perfect way to spend an evening, if you ask me. 😉

DSC00315 (1)

Grilled veggies + olive oil = heaven.


It would be hard to pick a favorite food from this trip, but these mussels (and their tomato-ey broth) are top contenders.


Would you judge me if I told you I licked the bowl? Just kidding, I don’t care what you think. This broth deserves its own restaurant.