Ireland & Scotland: 2 Week Sample Itinerary

IMG_2186I know there are many ways to explore Ireland and the surrounding area. Here is our itinerary with activities and sites added as an example – enjoy and comment with any questions – happy to share from our experiences and research!

8/26 – Depart MSP


8/27 – Arrive in Dublin, grab our rental car and drive (across the border) to Northern Ireland (final destination: Newcastle)

8/28 – FRIDAY 9/1 – Newcastle, County Down

  • Eat at Cafe Maud’s – best food in town hands down
  • Hike Sleve Donard – just maybe not how we did (a story for another day)
  • Explore the nearby pubs (the Anchor Bar is a local favorite – the live music was outta this world)
  • Drive an hour north to Belfast and check out the Peace Walls
  • Try weird Irish Chinese food
  • Enjoy time in a smaller seaside town (before going to Galway and getting trampled to death)


9/2 & 9/3 – Drive back to Dublin; fly from Dublin to Edinburgh at 5:10am (arriving at 6:10pm), spend first night in Edinburgh, Scotland.

  • Visit Stockbridge market – the finest food in town (Sunday 10am-5pm)
  • Hike up to Arthur’s seat – the highest spot in Edinburgh (busy but totally worth the view)
  • Stay with Susanne in Leith
  • Go to the Scotch Whisky Experience – a well oiled machine with really helpful and engaging teachings on whiskey, including a tasting by region of Scotland
  • Vegan tea time at Casa Angelina (make reservations at least the day before!)
  • DO NOT go to the Museum of Childhood (unless you are OK with clowns and creepy dolls) – Your call.

9/4 & 9/5 – Check out of Edinburgh AirBnB and take AM train to Glasgow

9/5 Fly back to Dublin for an evening

9/6 – Drive to Cork (spend the night in Cobh)

THURSDAY 9/7 – Take the ferry to Inis Oirr (an island off the coast of western Ireland.

FRIDAY 9/8 – Spend the day in Dingle

  • Ferry back to Doolin
  • Visit the Dingle Distillery
  • Check out Dick Mack’s Pub

SATURDAY 9/9 – Galway

Other Events in Galway: Local bands at Roisin Dunh, Hip: The Blue Note, Oyster Festival, Lisdoonvarna Matchmaking Festival

SUNDAY 9/10 – Last day/night in Dublin: Guinness tour, Dublin Writers Museum

MONDAY 9/11 – Depart Dublin, Arrive in MSP

Enjoy your time in Ireland (and maybe Scotland too)! There are so many hidden treasures. I hope this gave you some ideas and inspiration for planning a trip of your own.