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Breakfast in Belfast

Staying in Newcastle, County Down, we were just a short jaunt from Belfast – the capital city of Northern Ireland. Although well-known for being the birthplace of the RMS Titanic (yes, that Titanic),… Continue reading

Straight to Northern Ireland

We arrived in Dublin, grabbed our rental car and drove across the border from Ireland to Northern Ireland guided by endless greenery and signs with words on them that I can’t even attempt to pronounce.

Scaling Sleve Donard

One of the “bonus” parts of traveling that I try to take advantage of – whenever possible – is hanging out with locals. I think hearing what locals think about their turf (as… Continue reading

Ireland & Scotland: 2 Week Sample Itinerary

I know there are many ways to explore Ireland and the surrounding area. Here is our itinerary with activities and sites added as an example – enjoy and comment with any questions –… Continue reading

Vulcán Arenal

From Kathy and Bernie’s treehouse, we headed to our last destination of the trip: Vulcán Arenal (the Arenal Volcano). Although the volcano is currently in “nap-mode,” it was the country’s most active volcano… Continue reading

Costa Rica: A Long Sleeper’s Paradise

One thing you should know about me is that I need lots of sleep. So much, in fact, that real, card-carrying doctors have actually diagnosed me as a “long sleeper.” (I even provided… Continue reading

The Cloud Forest

Mid-way through our journey (after the tarantula incident), we made our way up into the Cloud Forest – a foggy, lush area smack-dab in the middle of the country. Getting there certainly wasn’t… Continue reading

Once Upon a Treehouse

With the Arenal Volcano in our rear-view mirror, we headed toward what was to be my favorite part of the trip. For my birthday, Rob booked a stay at an eco lodge called… Continue reading

The Tarantula Incident

Arachnophobic friends – beware. Rob and I went to bed in the guest house at Finca Lluvias de Gloria de Ermida (Gloria of Ermida’s Cloudfarm) with food in our bellies and excitement for… Continue reading

The Coffee Farm

Between Liberia (a.k.a the Sahara desert) and the Cloud Forest, we found the adorable Finca Lluvias de Gloria de Ermida (Gloria of Ermida’s Cloudfarm) on AirBNB. We could stay a few days, explore… Continue reading