Ramified Rome: Getting from Leonardo da Vinci to Rome Center


The morning hustle and bustle of Rome.

We arrived in Rome at about 9:00 in the morning, which perfectly tricked my brain into forgetting that we had just been awake for 24 hours straight (I have trouble sleeping in public). Yay daylight! Off we went!

Knowing that we would be less-than-lucid coming off of an international flight, I was very diligent about getting easy-to-follow directions from Leonardo da Vinci Airport to a local luggage storage place where we could keep our bags until we could check into our AirBNB.

However, despite our best-laid plans, Rome resisted.

Through some confusing conversations with train staff we were able to (eventually) catch the correct train to Stazione Trastevere, but that was where the bread crumbs stopped. After waiting at a broken tram stop (didn’t know until someone nicely told us), then a bus stop, we gave up and “Ubered” to the storage facility. Now knowing how difficult Rome is to navigate with its windy streets, I would absolutely recommend an Uber. You’re on vacation, your time is valuable – why waste it waiting at a bus stop when taking an Uber costs the same amount of money, preserves your sanity, and allows you a luxurious ride in a fancy car!?

Our driver (wink) dropped us off, we ditched the luggage, and began our exploration of this maze of a city.