The Sura Thani Not-So-Express

Vera and Jill enjoying the luxuries of ground transport. Yes, I did join them for some conversation on the upper bunk. And yes, the man below us did get very upset at about 9:30pm – which was apparently his bed time.

Plan: First, take an overnight train from Bangkok to Sura Thani (because we’re poor).

The Friday night train was the second cheapest option (cheapest is taking a bus, I believe). We bought upper bunks in the 2nd class sleeper car, which cost us about $40 US. Personally, I can’t sleep at all sitting in a bus seat, so I was excited to have an actual bed while in transit. The beds were comfortable, and the staff members set up our beds/linens for us around “bed time.” It’s a 12 hour ride from Bangkok to Sura Thani, as close to Krabi as we could get.

If they turned the lights off, it would have made for a better ride. Tip for future train-ers: sleeping pills.