Sunburn Souvenirs: Our trip to the South

A quick background of this trip…Tuesday of that week was a national holiday. School was cancelled, work was closed, and thus starting many weeks ago my farang friends and I planned a mini-trip to take advantage of the extra time off.

We took Monday off of work in order to have a 4-day weekend in the South of Thailand, and it was fantastic. Generally when people see pictures of Thailand, the grand majority of them are beautiful photographs of the fresh blue water, the white sand beaches, and the longboats that get you there. Sometimes palm trees are involved. Or hammocks.

Anywhoo, we decided to experience this paradise first hand.

Intended plans are in bold. Details/actual happenings to follow.

Stay in a beach bungalow (cheap and awesome) in Rai Ley.

Take a boat the next morning to Ko Phi-Phi (it’s pronounced Ko Pee-Pee, try and control your giggles). Ko Phi-Phi is one probably the most famous (and therefore touristy) island of the bunch. If you’ve seen the famous film The Beach, it was filmed on Ko Phi-Phi Ley, a quieter area where you can actually camp for the night if you take a special tour.

As the final leg of our journey, we planned to end up in Phuket, spend a few hours exploring, then take a flight out late Tuesday night to arrive in Thailand and get a few hours of sleep before we all had to report to our respective occupations.