Milford Sound

01-11-2013 508We drove to Milford Sound, and we were lucky, barely missing the closings that have been happening fairly frequently in recent weeks due to avalaches, rock falls, erosion, and flooding. We made it into the Sound and stared in awe up into the mountains and waterfalls as Pete navigated the windy roads.

Since we heard it was a must-do, Dani and I decided to splurge on a boat tour of the sound. We booked tickets with  Southern Discoveries for a 2 hour, 30 minute tour (plus free coffee! :))

Immediately after hearing his voice, I realized we had not a Kiwi, but a west-coast American tour guide. Dani talked to him, confirming that he was in fact Californian. Being stern but knowledgable, we got a pretty well-rounded explanation of the Sound, as well as the waterfalls (temporary and permanent) and some local wildlife (Sea Lions, etc.).

Dani gave him her elevator pitch for why he should move to Alaska – a place where tour guides are in high demand, and the weather is just as unpredictable as in Milford Sound – but he didn’t seem persuaded. Pete and Rob met up with us after the tour, and we booked it out of the Sound before the tunnel closed for the day. We may or may not have stopped to fill up one of our plastic goblets with fresh water from one of the waterfalls…I’m not at liberty to say. It may have been delicious. I may have been afraid to drink more than a sip or two.