Wandering around the Little Island

As I mentioned in my last post, Inis Oirr is (quite literally) a one-horse town.


Oh just taking the horse for a trot (whaaaaat)

There’s no better way to explore than to rent some bikes, brave the wind, and circle the island on the only trail there is (which also happens to be bike-friendly).

We came across all kinds of strange and interesting textures, landscapes, and structures.




You think the cow can sense that I won’t eat it?

The entire island is covered by walls made of stones, presumably built by residents as a way to clear the land for grass and agriculture. Without any actual soil at their disposal, they brought in sand and seaweed instead.


Inis Oirr is home to The Plassey, a famous ship that got just a little too close to the island in 1960 and tragically got pushed onto the rocks by the harsh winds and waves of the ocean. The entire ship is there, just sitting on the rocks rusting away – it’s quite a sight!


The Plassey in all her rusted glory.


If you’re not too worried about being sliced wide open by rusting metal, you can climb inside the ship!

Like a bunch of crazies, we finished out our stay on Inis Oirr by taking a dip in the icy-cold water. So refreshing, so unnecessary.


Post-dip. Brrrrr