K-Lumps (Kuala Lumpur)

Rob's first dragonfruit - one of many different new fruits he tried.

Rob’s first dragonfruit – one of many different new fruits he tried.

I was extremely excited to be with Rob as he got his first taste of Asia in Kuala Lumpur. I filled him in along the way about certain asian customs (including SEAL).
It was so fun to see his eyes light up as we explored the town visiting markets (like Chow Kit, located right by our hotel) and trying street food. The main food influences we noticed were definitely Chinese and Indian. Turns out Rob likes Malaysian curry (he had a bad experience in the States and though he hated the stuff)!

The next day, to make the most of our time, we opted for a hop-on-hop-off bus tour. I’ve never taken a tour like this before, but it was only 38MR ($12.66 US). We saw so much in only a matter of hours – it was great! There were recorded tidbits about each destination played on the bus, and the ticket goes for 24 hours so you can hop off at any time for however long you want. We got to see the Petronas Towers (2nd tallest building(s) in the world), Chinatown (Rob’s first Chinatown ever!), the Royal Palace, and tons more. We got back to the hotel, chilled for a bit, then went on a walk looking for dinner. We ended up at the same place we ate at the night before – without shame. It was amazing both nights, a lovely chinese-malaysian style food for super us-friendly prices.