Foot Update

For those of you who were curious about my gimp status, I am mostly recovered. A few weeks ago I made a trip back to the hospital to get my stitches removed and learn more about what exactly was wrong with my foot. The doctor – who was likely born after me – wasn’t much help at all. I asked some basic, patient-y questions. His answers were vague and fairly condescending. Good times.
Why did this happen to me?
I don’t know.
What would cause this problem?
Pressure on the foot.
Like walking?
Yes. Walking a lot.
Then why would it only happen to one foot?
I don’t know.
Ok…will it come back?
I don’t know. Probably, yes.

This medical professional then proceeded to smack my leg, point toward a different examination room, and told me to go wait there.

In the same room was a woman getting some sort of injection in the back of her leg as three medical students (and I) watched. They eventually realized that I was there to receive medical attention (surprise!) and tracked down a different doctor who unsympathetically ripped out my stitches with a razor blade and a set of tweezers. Theoretically these were sterile. Some goofy walking, and I was outta there! Did I mention this while process costed me significantly less that $100? This may or may not explain the non-chalant way that they treat patients. Or it’s just part of the “Mai Ben rai” (don’t worry about it) attitude of Thailand. I try not to ask too many questions I will never get the answers to.