Rai Ley/Ton Sai [Day Two]: Climbing

After several hours of conversation with the guys (James, Jimmy, Ian, and Tino), they very kindly offered to take us climbing the next day! Although the plan was to leave Rai Ley and spend the day at Ko Phi-Phi, Jill, Katie, and I stayed behind. Climbing in Rai Ley was on our “list,” so we couldn’t pass up such a perfect opportunity. The other girls continued on to the next island, and we made plans to meet up the next day.

In the morning, Jill, Katie, and I met the guys for breakfast at Momma’s Chicken (fantastic food – I had some eggs & fresh mango), then went to the gear shop to rent some essentials. The guys were kind enough to let us use their rope and guide expertise for free. Talk about awesome acquaintances.

We trekked over to Rai Ley (the tide was low so we could climb over the rocks instead of taking a long boat) and found a shaded cliff just off the beach to climb. We set up a couple routes (by “we” I mean our new pals) and got to scramblin’. The rock was different than I had climbed before – very sharp edges, random holes, etc. – but it had some nice holds and was fun to climb. It was tricky, however, especially for a gimp like me (foot problems to be discussed in a later post).

We spent the morning climbing, cheering on eachother, and snacking on super scrumptious banana bread from Momma’s.

Katie had to catch a ferry back to Krabi, so we parted ways around lunch. Jill, me, and the guys went for a quick swim, then headed over to Rai Ley for some food. A fantastic start to a great day.